Welcome to Wonderland 

permission granted to delve deeper


My offerings are put in place to guide you back into connection with yourself. To your own place of acceptance & abundance. Embracing your true nature and all parts of you. 

Offering movement as a form of expression.

Yoga is an umbrella for many modalities which equate to much more than just the physical body. A tool to encourage self expression and self discovery, through emotional & physical form.

Currently these consist of soulful group & private yoga sessions, meditation guides, virtual workshops & retreats, with much more to come..

​Please feel free to have a look around to get more of a feel for who I am & what I offer.



Exploring moments of presence has the ability to help shift. By creating a softer container in order to slowly unravel all layers that we hold, has power to tap deeper into all parts of you.

Soft space

Use this short free meditation to explore a softer way of being present. 

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I LOVE Alice's classes. I had debated yoga for so long and am so glad I came to her! She has a beautiful way of creating a space that feels both emotionally safe and zen. Her classes have a lush flow to them and her love for yoga is infectious. Thank you!


—  Jessica