Why Yoga?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

I hear you ask! Well… bare with me while I enlighten you.

With life getting faster, technology getting more advanced and virtual connection becoming more of the norm, we seem to forget about being present in this moment now.

The beauty of yoga is that there are so many elements to create awareness of the body, the mind, the soul, the breath.. the list goes on!

Deep down we all crave more love and connection in what ever form.. so this practice is here to help you delve deeper in your own way.

It’s kind, it’s accepting and it’s fulfilling.

Don’t get me wrong it can be challenging at times, but often it's challenges like these that enable us to grow the most.

I feel so important to portray to students and even myself, that it is your own practice, no-one else's.. just yours. It can be so easy to compare yourself to others.. especially in a yoga class. Everyone’s body is different and yours is the only one that matters, the moment you focus inward on your own strengths and your own limits.. you will absolutely feel the benefits.

But by no means is yoga supposed to be serious.. I mean yes it’s an individual journey, but finding the fun is what creates the magic. Using it as a way to explore, to be playful and as a way of releasing.

Yoga can create.


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