How to live in a 'Comparison Culture'

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Have you ever heard the term ‘comparison culture’?

Well if you haven’t here it is.

‘The impact of instagram on our self esteem’ is actually how google describes it.

Personally I don’t think this term should just be referring to instagram but it is a very very good place to start.

Have you ever compared yourself to anyone else?

Thats probably a silly question, as I imagine most of us at some point in our lives have compared ourselves to someone or something else, right?

When I was younger I had a few older friends who lived down my street and would always look really dam cool. I would always want to try and copy what they were wearing. I remember thinking that all my clothes were total shite and that I needed what they had and if I didn’t it was the end of the world (in my head).

I know it’s a little different when you are young, as you might naturally find yourself looking up to someone - but it’s still technically the same concept.

Comparing comes with an insecurity of not being good enough.

How many times do you feel good enough? Hopefully a lot, but for some not often enough.

Good old instagram doesn’t help. We all know by now that most people use instagram to show the good, the successful, the fancy but not really the struggles, tears or heartache.

What if we lived in a world where comparing came from a healthy place?

What if we learnt to uplift each other and not judge each other for what we see?

Actually learning to be satisfied with what you have and not always wanting what other people have.

I feel strongly about this, as it used to be fully me.

I used to look at others and think I need that to have that, I need to look like that or I need to be more like that.

Self worth has a part to play here (I feel like self worth always has a part to play) and learning your worth - that you are completely allowed to own yourself and realise that you do not need to be anyone else, but yourself.

Facts are; the more you learn acceptance for yourself and gratitude for exactly what you have, the more room you’ll make for acceptance of others.

We all have some sort of automatic default. Like when one of your mates gets their dream job or buys a new house and you are nowhere near that step in life yet. You might slightly resent them for getting their shit together? Yeah that has definitely been me in the past.

Or when something amazing happens to someone and there's that initial heart sinking moment where you compare them back to yourself.

If only it could be replaced with pure joy and happiness for that person. I think some people tend to think theres not enough room for everyone to be happy or to be successful. But truth is there is enough to go around!

Behind the power hungry, social media and greed driven world that we live in, there is enough encouragement, support, empathy and warmth to go around.

The more you celebrate peoples successes - even when you think you haven’t any yourself, the more you are opening yourself up to receive what you truly deserve.

Trust that you know something great is coming for you because my friend, it absolutely is.

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