Body shaming, nakedness & sexual objectification..

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

I almost don't really know where to start with this.

I have a lot to say and want to really break it down.

So I’ll start by asking any females reading this, has a situation ever made you feel uncomfortable showing skin?

I’m going to take a guess and say that most of you have.. I know I certainly have.

We live in a culture where body empowerment has become so much bigger and talked about - which is amazing but where body shaming and sexual objectification is still real.

Our bodies are the most natural aspect of us.

In some way we have grown up to be ashamed of showing skin or to be naked around others and even ourselves. It’s a natural reaction to cover up and hide away.

What if we learnt that showing skin doesn’t have to be objectified to sexual ways or shame?

What if we felt comfortable being and showing our own skin in our own comfortable way?

I’m not encouraging you to walk around in public naked all the time (haha) but to just get more comfortable with your own skin.

It’s all natural.

Our bodies are natural proof of our own physical energy.

Let me ask you females another question, have you been made to feel uncomfortable by men in a situation; showing a small or large amount of skin?

(please don't think I'm targeting all men by saying this, not at all.)

Most likely by some, yes.

I sometimes still feel uncomfortable now if I walk past a group of men who may stare, cat call 0r make dirty inappropriate comments. It makes me think twice of what I wear.

This is WRONG.

Sexual objectification is wrong. Some of our society has been created whereby women who may show skin are associated with sexual desire - and for that sexual desire to be shown in the way of disrespect through comments, lack of knowledge, ingrained thoughts and in a lot of cases more disturbing physical outcomes..

A lot of this comes from a misunderstanding of the human body.

There always seems to be an ‘end goal’. In sex it’s the orgasm - a lot of this portrayed through pornography (which in my opinion needs it’s own blog post).

Teaching us to get there as quickly as possible.. But actually, what about taking a step back and appreciating the pure beauty of the body? - be it man or woman.

I crave one day to live in a world where everyone has been WOKE. Where skin is not just a portal to a quick orgasm or where showing skin isn’t something to be ashamed of. Instead where we all have total equal respect for our bodies and to let that show in the purest way possible, whatever your gender.

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