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'Rise & Rest' Bundle

A bundle of movements created to awaken you into the morning and ease you into the evening. With a relaxing meditation to end the day and get you settled, ready for bed.

Awakening Morning flow 

Easeful Evening flow 

Meditation before bed

Wakey wakey!

Rise and shine with a short flow of movements that is designed to ease you into your morning.

Focusing on awakening the muscles & the mind.

Suitable for all levels.


Wind down at the end of a busy day with a short set of poses that will slow you down & is designed to release any tension in the muscles.

A beautiful way to ease you into sleep mode. 

Suitable for all levels.

Lay down and listen.

A guided meditation, aiming to help you let go of the day & allow you to relax, ready for bed. 

The perfect way to end your day & have some precious time to yourself.

14 min flow

18 min flow

10 min meditation

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